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Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing is a critical component of every company’s online business strategy and marketing mix.

But is it something you really need? Let’s take a closer look at why you would want to consider improving your content.

Benefits of Revising Your Website Content

Creative, well-written content is designed to properly communicate your value statement and unique selling proposition (USP).

Your website’s content provides context and reasons for prospects to choose you over potential competitors. Clarity and depth of information are two of the most crucial elements in working with you or your team during the entire content creation process.

In addition to providing clarity for your prospects and customers, content marketing tells search engines like Google and Bing what your site is about. This is important because search engines do their best to provide people with resources that best answer the searcher’s question.

If search engines view your content as relevant and valuable, you are more likely to show up in top search results.

It can actually get pretty complicated when it comes to why search engines like Google rate your site higher than someone else’s. But suffice to say that providing rich, valuable resources is the best place to start.

Contact me for a free content review. I’ll be happy to provide you with valuable and actionable recommendations to up your game!

How Do I Know If My Existing Content Can Be Better?

Here are a few signs, in my 20 years of experience in marketing, that indicate you could benefit from improving your content:

  1. Prospects or customers – maybe even your employees – have trouble stating exactly what you do or offer;
  2. You’ve lost business revenue because customers “didn’t know you did that”;
  3. Customers and prospects didn’t know or weren’t sure you could solve their problem;
  4. Your content suffers from being too general and doesn’t address specific topics or problems with any depth (you appear to be a jack of all trades but master of none);
  5. Your site or specific pages aren’t showing up in top search results.

What’s the Process for Creating Great Website Content?

My process for creating robust content for your website and marketing materials begins with an in-depth review of existing marketing materials and messaging.

The first stage of our journey is to look at your existing copy. It’s impossible to formulate a new content strategy without learning about your business, your industry, and especially about your best customers first.

We also will look at data that tells us how your prospects are finding you online. Google Analytics and social media play a big part in this, as do a suite of professional SEO tools in my arsenal.

Using those same tools, I’ll also run a series of in-depth reports to mine hidden data from your competitors’ websites. We will see exactly how they are showing up in local search results and how your site compares to theirs.

From those results, we’ll develop a strategy to expand and enrich your site’s content. With that, we’ll be on the road toward dramatically improving your online positioning and local search engine rankings.

Is SEO the Same as Content Marketing?

As it relates to search engine optimization, content development is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization. But it is not SEO by itself.

The best way to describe the difference is that SEO is done for search engine bots, but content marketing is done for people.

Can I Write My Own Website Content?

Absolutely! I regularly provide support services to clients who work with writers or have their own team.

These teams, while competent in their fields, often lack the professional SEO tools and specialized knowledge to optimize their content for search engines. And, considering that SEO changes daily, it becomes an absolute necessity to work with an SEO professional.

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